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Harman Foundation

About us

Founded in 2013 by Harinder and Maninder, after their own tragic loss left them thirsting for meaningful, sustainable support services, the Harman Foundation is modelled on a mission of delivering open, empathic support, guidance and reassurance to all multicultural community members. Since its inception,  the foundation has continued to evolve into a web of cost-free community support services, delivered by a committed group of volunteers, to address a range of individual and group needs, issues and concerns.

The foundation’s range of immediate and ongoing community support services include:

  • 24x7 Telephone Crisis Line – trained counsellors ready to take your call, anytime

  • Support Group Meetings – weekly get-togethers where confidentiality is assured

  • Direct Peer Support – one-on-one interactions with trained volunteers

  • Chaplaincy Services – spiritually-grounded support and guidance

  • Bereavement Services – long-term support after a traumatic family loss

  • Family Support Services – seminars offering parenting and family harmony techniques

  • Seniors Support Services – respectful guidance for older community members

  • Disabled Support Services – frameworks that enable independence and confidence

  • Food For The Needy – nourishment and support for society’s less fortunate

In addition to ensuring our support services meet the many needs and problems within our multicultural community, we’re driven to continue to expand our offerings to ensure everyone feels wanted, appreciated and understood. This means we’re continually growing our depth of knowledge and  corresponding support networks, including among healthcare professionals, as well as our volunteer base where a sense of personal satisfaction and soul-nourishment is guaranteed.


Maninder Singh and Harinder Kaur, suffered a tragic loss of their young and loving son, Harman and found their world devastated. They experienced a massive dose of grief even though they received consolatory words from friends and relatives. They tried to overcome these traumatic times with the help  of trained grief counsellors but soon discovered that there was no organisation to lean upon whenever their grief raised its ugly head. Hence, they felt that by setting up an organisation which provides help and counselling to individuals and families would have a balmic effect on their own sorrows.  Harman Foundation was thus born in 2013. It is a Not-for-Profit charitable organisation which can be accessed by any member of the community, irrespective of race, religion or creed.


Harman Preet Singh was a devotee in the purest sense. His purpose was simple, to serve those closest to him, and he knew that he could only truly serve if he was firstly the shining pillar of his family. A pure soul, humble in his speech and actions, lives on in our hearts. Continuing to give us strength and the passion to live life through humility, obedience, will, selfless love and gratitude, which were qualities he displayed every day. Harman parents and we as a community has come together to keep real tribute to Harman Preet Singh and keep his Legacy alive.


Harman foundation(HF) is a not for profit organisation .The aim of Harman Foundation is to alleviate human suffering in the multicultural  community resulting from grief caused by uncontrollable events and factors such as death and trauma, separation, incarceration, sickness and disabilities,  marital breakdown, suicidal thoughts, poverty, etc. We also provide on the ground support through research into the causes and solutions, dissemination of informational and educational literature, seminars and workshops, liaison with other organisations, telephone/ web support and direct counselling  and set up and provision of welfare schemes and financial assistance.

Harman foundation’s Vision, Mission, Aims & Objectives

Our Vision: To keep in touch with our multicultural community needs, offering like-minded support services that cultivate unity, positivity and progression.

Our Mission: To deliver open, empathic support, guidance and reassurance during times of emotional and/or physical need – both immediate and ongoing. Provided via a range of cost-free, need-driven community well being services, by volunteers all committed to empowering the Harman  Foundation’s dream of a safe, caring and harmonistic multicultural society for all.

Our slogan: We’ll help you tackle any of todays or yesterday’s setbacks, concerns or challenges.


  • Keeping pace with societal trends and issues, to offer support services that are in-touch and embraced by many

  • Maintaining strong bonds with like-minded groups and organisations, to deliver well-rounded, best-practice multicultural support services

  • Establishing emotional and physical healthcare networks, to enable referrals and expert advice as required

  • Sustaining a team of volunteers that are wholly committed to our mission of empathic support and reassurance for all

  • Building on our depth of knowledge and capabilities to continue to expand our support services

  • Growing brand awareness to ensure our support services are used by as many in need as possible

  • Identifying additional revenue generation opportunities, to enable long-term community support operations

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