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Harman Foundation

Chaplaincy Services

We have trained Chaplains to provide you support whenever you need it! Our Chaplains are volunteers who have been certified by the NSW College of Pastoral Education and are approved to offer Chaplaincy Services in NSW hospitals and prisons.


  • They offer emotional and spiritual care and support for you and your relatives

  • Regular visits by Chaplains to hospitals like Blacktown & Westmead, Children hospital , Nepean and Liverpool including age facilities and planning to expand to other major hospitals in Sydney.

  • Visit NSW prisons to provide social, emotional and spiritual support to the incarcerated during the period of their confinement and also thereafter, till they are able to recover from their stress and integrate into society.


If you would like someone to sit with you or pray with you or conduct an Ardaas* - a supplication to Waheguru (God), you could contact us on 1800 11 66 75 or speak to your hospital or prison authorities.

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